Covisn color blind glasses, actually realized the color blind patients to see the desire of color!

From the childhood to the big physical examination items.One of my favorites is the easiest and most curious,That means we have to read the numbers or what animals.

I think fried chicken is easy,If only exams were this easy…

It wasn’t until later that it turned out to be a test for weak color blindness.

Then I met a classmate in college.Laughed and told me he couldn’t tell red from green,What does ability know to call red green blindness.

But because his description is too light,i thinks he just can’t tell red from green,It didn’t have much of an impact on life…

Until today I saw a picture

I realized I couldn’t see red or green

What a sight…

It affects their ability to see all the colors…

People with red color blindness Can’t distinguish red, dark green, fuchsia, purple,People with green blindness may perceive green as gray or dark black,They usually can’t tell their normal colors apart,Even when it comes to choosing a job, there may be some hindrance.

How colorblind people see. : interestingasfuck

Are there any treatments now, you ask  I’m sorry no  ,Current medical technology is not able to achieve a cure,However,There are still warm-hearted people trying to help people with color blindness and weakness,See a richer world of colors.The color blind glasses come from a HongKong  company


The glasses for color blind people use a technique called color contrast enhancement,Helps people with color blindness mix up different shades of color.

How does it work?

First, let me give you explain the cause of red and green color blindness simple, feeling color normal retina is used to stimulate the red, green, blue three kinds of cone photoreceptors them to respond to external light and different stimulation signals to the optic nerve to produce a spectrum overlap area of red, green, and blue is the junior middle school physics have three primary colors, all colors are in the world of these 3 kinds of color match against each other, like the image below the first row of the first one is the normal map.

And red green color blindness patients is their cones should not react based on the response, resulting in the visual anomalies above the first column of color blindness patients spectrum line less than the average person in the second column the spectra of patients with color blindness, their spectral overlap area are different from normal people, so they will see the color and normal person have off color, this kind of glasses more than the average with a layer of filter layer through selective filter out the overlap part of the spectrum to make color differentiation part of ascension.

The glasses are only useful for people with a weak color,

For color-blind people without a photoreceptor,It’s not valid.

although,Having color blindness is not like losing your sight,Bring great inconvenience to life.But for the average person,Nothing is more common than that .It is their greatest wish.