Covisn color blind glasses, actually realized the color blind patients to see the desire of color!

From the childhood to the big physical examination items.One of my favorites is the easiest and most curious,That means we have to read the numbers or what animals.

I think fried chicken is easy,If only exams were this easy…

It wasn’t until later that it turned out to be a test for weak color blindness.

Then I met a classmate in college.Laughed and told me he couldn’t tell red from green,What does ability know to call red green blindness.

But because his description is too light,i thinks he just can’t tell red from green,It didn’t have much of an impact on life…

Until today I saw a picture

I realized I couldn’t see red or green

What a sight…

It affects their ability to see all the colors…

People with red color blindness Can’t distinguish red, dark green, fuchsia, purple,People with green blindness may perceive green as gray or dark black,They usually can’t tell their normal colors apart,Even when it comes to choosing a job, there may be some hindrance.

How colorblind people see. : interestingasfuck

Are there any treatments now, you ask  I’m sorry no  ,Current medical technology is not able to achieve a cure,However,There are still warm-hearted people trying to help people with color blindness and weakness,See a richer world of colors.The color blind glasses come from a HongKong  company


The glasses for color blind people use a technique called color contrast enhancement,Helps people with color blindness mix up different shades of color.

How does it work?

First, let me give you explain the cause of red and green color blindness simple, feeling color normal retina is used to stimulate the red, green, blue three kinds of cone photoreceptors them to respond to external light and different stimulation signals to the optic nerve to produce a spectrum overlap area of red, green, and blue is the junior middle school physics have three primary colors, all colors are in the world of these 3 kinds of color match against each other, like the image below the first row of the first one is the normal map.

And red green color blindness patients is their cones should not react based on the response, resulting in the visual anomalies above the first column of color blindness patients spectrum line less than the average person in the second column the spectra of patients with color blindness, their spectral overlap area are different from normal people, so they will see the color and normal person have off color, this kind of glasses more than the average with a layer of filter layer through selective filter out the overlap part of the spectrum to make color differentiation part of ascension.

The glasses are only useful for people with a weak color,

For color-blind people without a photoreceptor,It’s not valid.

although,Having color blindness is not like losing your sight,Bring great inconvenience to life.But for the average person,Nothing is more common than that .It is their greatest wish.

Best hip carrier toddler of 2019

Hip Seat Carriers & Hip Hugger Carriers

Image result for hip carrier toddlerAlthough all new parents are very excited to carry their newborn around as much as possible, it can soon lead to health issues of the caregiver. This can put a damper on the new parent’s joy because they soon start experiencing backaches and shoulder pains. Therefore, there are baby carriers which can help you get through those baby days when it seems like all your little one does is want more cuddles. The catch then becomes choosing which is the easiest hip carrier toddler to put on and whether it is really the best for your child.

What is a hip carrier toddler?

A hip carrier toddler is a soft-structured carrier that can tote kids past the baby stage. To reduce strain on your shoulders, neck and back, these carriers have padded, adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt to evenly distribute your child’s weight. They should also offer a hip-healthy, wide-seat position that places your child’s legs in a frog-like formation.

Most carriers for toddlers also come with a hood to protect your child’s head from sun as well as a storage pocket for your on-the-go essentials. Many are suitable for use from infancy through the toddler years, and all of these picks are machine washable.

Do you need a hip carrier toddler?

Most families start with a wrap for newborns that keeps them tight and close and supports their neck. As they grow, you need more support to carry them for long stretches.

When toddlers get tired or you don’t want them roaming free (think: street festival or the boutique with all the breakables), having a place where they can safely sit to catch a rest is helpful. Both a stroller and a carrier serve that purpose, but a carrier is easier to use in crowded places or small spaces. Plus, you and your child still get quality snuggle time.

If you already have a structrued baby carrier with buckles or velcro, it might be fine for the toddler years too. Check the weight limit to see if it will work. Two year olds in the 50th percentile are 28 pounds, and three-year olds are almost 32 lbs. But if your bigger kid seems uncomfortable in it or your back is aching after fifteen minutes, check out carriers designed with toddlers in mind.

How To Choose Your Hip Carrier Toddler

1. Style

Shoulders of front-facing carriers are padded and their basic design makes them easy to wear. The padded and wide waistband can help in proper weight distribution. In hip seat carriers, the weight of your child is distributed across the back and the pelvis region preventing low back pain.

A backpack carrier puts the child on your back. They will not become overwhelmed and it is relatively comfortable for most parents as long as you do not have back issues.

The hipseat carrier is great for most parents and their child. This can be a quick and easy way to take some pressure off if you are constantly picking up your baby around the house. It allows the child to feel warmth when it is cold and have the comfort of knowing their parent or caregiver is right there.

So consider lifestyle demands and the positions that you will get the most use out of.

2. Comfort

The quality of the padding, and structure of the design are key to a comfortable baby wearing experience. This ensures an evenly distributed weight balance across your frame to minimize fatigue and the risk of injury over time.

3. Carrier Weight

Your baby will be heavy enough without the added burden of a heavy carrier to go with it. Most carriers are well under 2lbs and will feel light as a feather. This is especially important if you expect prolonged use of your carrier, or if you suffer from back problems.

4. Cost

The carriers that we will look at fall into two camps. The premium quality with the price tag to match, and the regular everyday budget carriers.

Which category matters most to you will depend on your budget, strength and your desire for comfort. There are some great options in both spaces. If you have a bad back and ergonomics are a priority then you may be better off going for a higher end carrier. But for most of us, it is not necessary.














安博盒子X950 的直播軟體數量雖多,卻缺乏精品,很多用戶都在挑選的環節頭疼。今天給大家分享2款看直播必備軟體,其一擁有超高清直播,支援超清、藍光1080P等高清晰度碼流視頻,以及豐富的影視資源,可看盡各家正版獨家內容的應用;其二可以輔助你更好、更便利地看電視直播,堪稱看直播神器。

第一款:電視好幫手 悟空遙控器

悟空遙控器,在應用市場工具類排名位居前列,有著豐富的功能與良好的設備相容性,用手機就可以遙控智慧電視(電視盒)觀看影視、下載應用等。 悟空跨屏輸入法,使用你熟悉的方式完成電視內容的輸入,創造性地解決了傳統遙控器“反人類”的輸入方式,使智慧電視(電視盒)人機對話模式從原始時代直接進化到跨屏互動時代。




第二款:電視直播神器 泰捷視頻














《笑傲江湖 第3季》、《中國新歌聲》、《奔跑吧兄弟 第4季》、《愛情保衛戰》、《跨界歌王》





創維小盒子mini 輕薄外觀雞蛋大小

創維小盒子硬體頂配Amlogic S805四核處理器,峰值高達1.5G,搭載Android4.4.2智慧電視作業系統,輔以1G RAM+4G Flash的記憶體架構,驅動1080P全高清畫質、超清本地解碼,系統運行流暢,大型遊戲不卡頓,並且搭載愛奇藝視頻(央廣銀河)正版授權,開啟海量線上視頻暢享不斷模式。目前該款產品京東商城售價149元,有興趣的朋友不妨瞭解下。




創維小盒子外形採用顛覆傳統的機上盒設計,雖然機身採用高品質炫酷黑塑膠,但是配合正面亞克力面板和底部的轉軸設計,融合了極簡元素,顯得特別靈動和高貴,大有趕超蘋果的土豪金風;在介面方面,創維小盒子針對家庭用戶的使用習慣,經過極簡化設計,僅保留兩個介面,一個是HDMI OUT(1.4),另一個是USB延長插頭(1.5M長,用於接電視機的USB進行供電或USB電源適配器),得益於Amlogic超低功耗SOC S805晶片,創維小盒子工作電壓為5V/0.5A,USB供電完全足以;底部採用夾子方案設計,開合幅度可達135度,並且在張合的“夾子”首尾兩片均搭載膠質材料,使得創維小盒子在懸掛時候可以牢固“抓住”電視。

泰捷 WE30 經典电视盒推荐

泰捷 WE30沿襲了一貫圓形設計,黑白純色搭配,比起之前的幾款盒子更加輕薄,黑白對比的處理更加搶眼。採用了最新熱門CPU瑞芯微RK3368,該晶片內建28nm工藝制程並且在高負載時可同時運行的八顆Cortex-A53核心,採用octa架構,運行頻率為1.5GHz,並支援64位運算,使處理器資料流程的寬度增加了一倍,擁有更強的資料運算能力。


泰捷WEBOX WE30的介面全部集中在盒子的背部,從左至右是電源介面、USB介面、Micro SD口、乙太網口、HDMI口、AV介面和重定孔,滿足用戶日常使用。泰捷WEBOX WE30盒子底部是常見的3C認證和防滑橡膠墊。






價格:$168(ebay &亞馬遜
優點:價格便宜,硬體設定高,內容豐富,小機身、0月租、無合約、全國有服務器(確保播放穩定)、網路要求不高10M/s就可觀看,而且還是港人團隊研發, 專為香港+海外打造,不要擔心盒子變磚,特設粵語專區.影片極流暢,樂視+芒果VIP,數萬部的影視劇,五百幾個各地直播台,英超西甲 歐聯德甲各地體育節目,以及少量的安博盒子成人頻道,以下盒子的大多數有點都佔了。


優點:小機身、0月租、無合約、海外有伺服器(確保播放穩定)、主打粵語群體(粵港臺頻道很多,大陸台也很多)、直播點播資源很多300+頻道、海外使用者群體多,知名度高。直播穩定外,特別是那個 小孩看的 巧虎 那個 真贊下。在家看電視 除了老年人
就是小孩 多。 那個 巧虎 可以 小孩 的最愛,還可以有教育意義。
缺點:有點小貴,不過頻道數量和播放穩定性作為基礎的。每逢過年 世界盃等視頻直播高峰期 伺服器常招攻擊。樹大招風!


海美迪Q5 美如畫V8 小米.樂視(國內各大牌代表)
價格:$500-100(ebay & 淘寶)
缺點:海外無伺服器、看直播 要看人品,對網路要求高。發燒友喜歡鼓搗 的可以一試。


優點:有幾個高清頻道 但隱藏 收費。


沒歐洲伺服器,這一點可查 看官方說明。


優點:超小機身、0月租、無合約、海外有伺服器(確保播放穩定)、300+頻道(大陸節目全覆蓋、臺灣和香港台 等國外的頻道也有,) 直播 回播給力、安卓系統、全球包郵、終身保修.
最新加入 成人頻道 成人電影, 這個你懂得。


優點: 40+頻道 美洲和 歐洲(西班牙)有伺服器,歐洲看不卡。有自己的3D 電影 和小兒動漫
全部 免費 的, 而且伺服器 速度 不錯。
缺點:操作介面不太人性化,遙控器加入學習鍵 就更完美了。


優點: 40+頻道 BETV 安卓測試版,源於TVPAD.
缺點:到手 是淘寶賣家用過的二手機子,像賣家說得,這個硬體配製太差,機子發熱量太大,無線連接不穩定。
直播似乎還不完美。聯繫BANANA TV 官方客服回話他們只做盒子,軟體等方面全源至網路。這樣一來就和小米盒子 差不多
一樣 沒有海外伺服器, BETV 還是測試版。


優點:西格瑪CPU、100+頻道 美洲伺服器
缺點:體積很大,價格有點高,歐洲用戶不推薦。到手測試不理想 問官方客服妹妹 態度差,直接不歡迎歐洲這邊的客人。